Life Changers Covenant Ministries

Don't call it the way you see it, call it the way you want it to be !

 About Pastors Charlie & Marian Redish

Pastor Charlie L. Redish is the founder and Senior Pastor of Life Changers Covenant Ministries Inc. Founded in 1991. Pastor Redish is married to his lovely wife Marian for 45 years who co pastors along with Him. Pastor Redish is a teacher of faith, love, healing, prosperity, redemption, and righteousness, all under the anointing of Gods precious Holy Spirit. Pastor Redish Attended and graduated from Tabernacle Bible Institute an accredited institute in Jamaica, N.Y. and also studied at Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburgh, Ind. Where he's presently working on his masters degree.

 Marian Gainer Redish  co- pastors  along with her husband Charlie, at Life Changers Covenant Ministries In North Charleston,  South Carolina. She is a dynamic teacher, motivator, and explosive conference speaker with the word of the Lord in her mouth. What makes the difference between living it ?up and leaving things just ?as it is??  Tenacity!  Marian is the author of  "It's Altogether Lovely?  and soon to be released? Put the Knife Down?.  Unquestionable, she is a woman of faith, prayer, wisdom and integrity.  Marian attended and studied at Tabernacle  Bible Institute  Jamaica New York.


Our Vision:

Our mission is to empower our communities to succeed in today?s dynamic world, to reach beyond the norm and obtain excellence in living standards by establishing and achieving goals based on their Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Cultural, and Social needs and interests